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Full Version: User defined NFO
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I need some assistance creating nfo files for a motorsport series, not on tvdb/moviedb.

Here is the file/directory order:



My problem is what content to put where, and how really to construct the file. Here is the tvshow.nfo file:

<?xml version="1.0" encoding="UTF-8" standalone="yes" ?>
    <plot>The British Touring Car Championship is a touring car racing series held each year in the United Kingdom, currently organized and administered by ToCA. It was established in 1958 as the British Saloon Car Championship and was renamed as the British Touring Car Championship in 1987. The championship has been run to various national and international regulations over the years including FIA Group 2, FIA Group 5, FIA Group 1, FIA Group A, FIA Super Touring and FIA Super 2000. A lower-key Group N series for production cars ran for most of the 1990s.</plot>

and here is an example episode nfo file:

        <title>BTCC Race 1 Donnington Park</title>
        <plot>The best episode in the world</plot>
        <epbookmark></epbookmark>  <!-- For media files containing multiple episodes,
                                        where value is the time where the next episode begins in seconds  -->
        <displayseason></displayseason>  <!-- For TV show specials, determines how the episode is sorted in the series  -->

Here are the problems I'm facing though:

i) From the main menu the series, BTCC, shows as having 1 season, and 1 episode! there are currently 2 seasons, and 10 episodes.
ii) From within the series, I'd like to have that years fluff presented as the seasons are cycled though, but don't know where to put that info.
iii) I've somehow managed to set a thumb for one season, but not the other.

Any help appreciated! I have read through the wiki too, but did not find it particularly useful at resolving these problems.

Thanks in advance!
Hmmm didn't change anything, I'm aware of, but it's now working.