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Full Version: DLNA Streaming of Audio Plugins
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If it has been posted, I apologize. I may not be wording my searches correctly to find anything via the forums or Google.

I have a Raspberry Pi running XBMC under Raspbian. Most things are working properly. The one issue I am having (which may be a lack of support) is streaming audio plugins via DLNA.

I have a Sherwood Home Theater receiver that I want to stream audio via DLNA to, in particular the Shoutcast v2 add on.

DLNA is working, and the theater does see it, can play music from my networked drive attached to my router. However, the Shoutcast add on does not appear any where in the menu. When I remove all audio sources from my library, with the exception of the Shoutcast plugin, it reports that there are no items in the the Music Library on the receiver. I thought it may be the receiver not parsing DLNA data properly, so I went for a browse with my Android phone using BubbleUPnP. Same result. Music Library is empty.

From what I can tell from old posts (~2012/early 2013), the ability to scan plugins into the music library is/was unavailable. I did see a page about a source commit about the capability being removed, and the commit readded this capability, but found nothing to show that it was actually merged into a release.

I know the receiver is capable of receiving Shoutcast media, it has a Shoutcast functionality to begin with, though it seems to be broken as it will not connect to the shoutcast directory to receive any stations. It does work with Plex Media Server, but I can't find an up-to-date way to install the server portion of Plex on the Raspberry Pi. Any of the older methods I have tried do not appear to work anymore, and the threads are no longer active to ask for support.

So, am I not setting an option correctly? Is this even possible via XBMC by itself? If not, does someone have an idea of how I might go about this?