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Full Version: Missing posters/fanart for some movies after import.
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I have previously exported the XBMC library into separate files, but when re-adding the source not all posters and fanart is present. The plot and ratings seems to be fine, and if I choose to refresh the information from internet, the posters and fanart shows up.

I have tried this a couple of times now, last time I used Ember Media Manager to scrape all the movies and generate new images for them.

Note that this only occurs for some movies. Most of them are fine, and I can see no difference in the files/folder structure. It also appears that the problems don't occur for the same movies each time I import.

The folders contains the files:

Any ideas on why this problem occurs? Any ideas on how to fix it, except for manually choosing "Refresh" on each movie, which is not a fun task.

Using Frodo 12.3 on Windows.
Okay, nevermind this. It appears XBMC is still working on importing the images even after the library update appeared complete. Slowly, but surely more and more of the posters and fanart are now appearing, so it seems all I need to do is be patient.