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Full Version: Twitter Feeds Add-on
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These days many television programs have an associated twitter account "@" or topic hashtag "#". Some programs even display the tweets of viewers in real time, thus the inspiration for this addon. This addon enables you to follow the conversation associated with any show you are watching, or for that matter any other twitter conversation that is occurring.

The addon source will be at.
I plan on adding this to the official XBMC repo soon.

Make sure to read the instructions in the addon for some good usage tips. I am always open to comments/suggestions/bug reports so feel free to post whats on your mind.


Note: The notification will play a sound if you are not playing a video, however if you are using gotham pull from the gotham branch to fix this problem
It works... but after 2-3 hours XBMC use stops working (I used with from:[twitter_account] )
Hmm. Guess I have never tested for extended periods of time. If you can submit a log from a session where it stopped working that would be great.
After 30-45 minutes ...or if inactive. when I close xbmc and then open again works...
OK thanks for the feedback. I'm sorry I haven't had time to look into the issue but I assure you I plan to. I have been very busy with both computer repair and working on my android game lately I have a small pile of things to look into with my xbmc addons that I have been neglecting. But I assure you I plan to get to them. Thanks for the patience and additional info.
No problem at all this is a very" information" addon that can have many applications Smile
Is there any chance of a update to this? I assume something on Twitter's end has changed and it's no longer showing results.
Never saw this. Would be awesome if it could do this 'bank-in-time' i.e. for those of OS that watch everything much later than broadcast, I wonder if the twitter API lets you specifyu an offset and move forward...that would be cool!
Thank you for letting me know it is not working. I will need to look in to it. I haven't been using it lately so I didn't know. Something must have changed on twitter's end.
i had a warning saying "search eror no result"

found that this addon was causing the issue

***the problem solved itself somehow***
Glad your problem is resolved schray, I'm going to respond to it anyway just in case other people have the issue. When the twitter feeds addon first installs it prompts you to set a hotkey to open up the program settings (the moderators didn't want me to remap keys automatically and wanted users to have control over this step). I believe Schray accidentally hit the down arrow when he was prompted and this made his down arrow unusable. You should have been able to remap the key but I don't know why your settings were blank. But regardless, what the addon does is create the file (XBMC data folder)\userdata\keymaps\twitter.xml . The location of the XBMC data folder depends on your OS but for example on windows it is C:\Users\Username\AppData\Roaming\XBMC\userdata\keymaps\twitter.xml . All you need to do is delete that file and any keymap changes twitter made will be undone. Cheers.
Just submitted update. It was an easy fix. All I had to do was change one line...

Line 154 in Default.py
text=re.compile('<p class="js-tweet-text tweet-text">(.+?)</p>').findall(link)


text=re.compile('<p class="js-tweet-text tweet-text".+?>(.+?)</p>').findall(link)

I'm testing it again after the update ... my capture ethernet card via URL HELPER shows that search every 1 or 4 secs and after 40 minutes stacks the script ... A nice Idea is to search every X minutes ... Great Script !
Is it possible in the future to add on option for the tweets to popup without the ding sound? Big Grin
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