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Full Version: TMDB and original title
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I'm using a nightly xbmc version and i can't get to keep original title with tmdb addon

i'm italian so if the file name is Biancaneve after scan is Snowman etc

Where is my mistake ?
This is adjusted in the settings for that particular video source. If you go to Home>Videos>Files highlight the source in question open the contextual menu and select Edit you can edit the file path, content type and scraper/settings. Don't adjust the settings in the scraper addon menu. This will only adjust the default settings that will be used the next time you add a new source.
Yes is correct, i leave the default setting in system/addon and i set with my personal settings for a personal folder

as in this image


So i have the poster image in italian(also the movie info) but the file name is in english as you can see below

Was a my mistake

I misinterpreted keep original track item function