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Full Version: installing xbmc
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HuhHi Everyone Can one help me i have been on you tube to look at xbmc media player i have download the xbmc many time this week but the download was great but when download and install its fine but i need help because when i close my laptop i have to reinstall the xbmc every time also cant go on the web while i am using xbmc.When xbmc is on my decktop there is a sheild on the logo of xbmc whats does this mean i am only a basic laptop user ok.I have downloaded a few progammes but dont know how to play them any sort of help would be great many thanks mackay19.dean mackay
1. This has absolutely nothing to do with PVR help and support.

2. Why do you have to reinstall XBMC every time?

3. If you can't browse the internet while using XBMC something else is wrong with your computer.