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Full Version: Recording size
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Hi, what is the size of the recordings of live tv?
I don't know if I can use a USB stick or I should use an hard disk to store the recordings...
Depends if it´s sdtv or hdtv

1h of sdtv ~ 2 GB
Perfect, thanks!
And hdtv?
It depends on the bitrate. HD streams range from 7-15 Mbit/s. The rest is simple math. If you're planning to use a USB stick make sure you get at least 32 GB otherwise it won't fit many recordings.
An hour of BBC HD in the UK - H.264, 7+ kbps - will be about 3 GB, so bang on negge's maths.

Of course, it will take that 3 gig until you delete it, so it also depends on for how long you intend to keep them...!
Ok, thanks!