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Full Version: TV Show Next Aired (Script) Addon, now w/TheTVDB data
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I asked in the other thread for someone to try out a thread.exit() change, but nobody has responded yet. If someone who encounters this issue can try out the latest zip file and let me know if that helps anything, I'd appreciate it.

(2014-05-01, 13:29)Greggie Wrote: [ -> ]Thanks, I figured it would be something like that, but I looked through many folders and couldn't find anything that looked like the one.
For ubuntu you should look in ~/.xbmc/addons directory. If you could "unzip -o script.tv.show.next.aired.zip" the latest zip file in that directory and let me know if that fixes the situtation, I'd appreciate it.

fyi I reverted your last version as I read crashing too many times. If you are confident it's not going to do that any more in Frodo feel free to request an update.
installed new zip...still crashing

i'm on frodo (12)
I just installed the new zip file on my Windows 7, Gotham RC1, Aeon Nox 4.19x setup. Everything looks great so far!
Thank you for making this a great addon.
Installed new zip and it still crashes.

WIN 7 (64), XBMC 12.0, Aeon Nox
I can't get anything to crash in 12.3 or Gotham. Perhaps older frodo installs have an issue with the service process? I'm left to just guess at things since there are no useful log entries to indicate what is going on and I can't reproduce the issue.

I've updated the zip file with a couple more changes:
  • I increased the version to 6.0.9+ so that the auto-updater won't try to overwrite the zip with the reverted 6.0.9 version.
  • I changed the code to let the service proc just exit on frodo instead of having the skin-run proc notice that it isn't needed and kill itself.
If the latest change doesn't make it stop crashing, could you (anyone with the crash problem) please try editing out the xmbc.service line from the addon.xml file? To be explicit, remove this line:
<extension point="xbmc.service" library="service.py" start="login"/>
Hopefully my first change will make that unnecessary, but please let me know if either thing helps with the crashing. Thanks.

remember than when you are providing zip files that you MUST give them different filenames each time!
there's a bug that when the zip is the same filename it will just use the old one. so although people think they install a new one it will just use the old code
Yeah, I had been telling folks to unzip manually, but to make things easier I've added a redirector on my site to give the zip file a unique name each time the file changes. This should allow the normal install from zip menus to be used while also avoiding having to update the download link every time the file changes.

For those that reported a continued failure: did you verify that you were testing a file that had thread.exit() in it?
I managed to find a 12.0 release of xbmc and downgraded a win 7 laptop to use that, and it indeed crashes soon after starting up. My first attempted fix didn't have any affect on that, but my most recent change looks to work fine. I'm going to tidy things up and get that released.
I installed the latest version, and everything works fine except when I go to one particular tv show. If I browse in my library to the show Flashpoint, the script crashes every time. It doesn't happen with any other show. Very odd.

I am running Gotham Beta 1 and Aeon Nox
(2014-05-02, 23:44)dpar Wrote: [ -> ]If I browse in my library to the show Flashpoint, the script crashes every time.
Please check your xbmc.log file and see if there is a python backtrace that shows what went wrong. Or just use the xbmc log uploader addon and point me at the resulting upload (no need to enable debug logging, I would imagine).
I'm not sure what the system people are referring to when they say this is crashing.

BUT, in WIN7 using Gotham RC1 I have had to choose "reset" all data from in the addon.

It rescans my content and it works.

I think I had to do that 2x in the past 30 days in maybe 3 separate skins.
No big deal to me.

I did notice an update come through my evening of 5/1.
It wasn't crashing for Gotham, or even for Frodo 12.3. I know it was crashing for 12.0, but haven't heard how 12.1 or 12.2 fared. For anyone that got 6.0.8 it would have upgraded the "DB", so those on the reverted version would need a reset to get back to the older db format (until 6.0.10 arrives).

If anyone is trying out the zip for 6.0.10 (especially on Frodo 12.0) please mention if things are working for you. Thanks,


XBMC was crashing for me as soon as I would start browsing through my TV show library. The last lines in the log wold say:

14:31:49 T:10120 NOTICE: script.tv.show.next.aired: ### TV Show - Next Aired starting GUI proc (6.0.9)
14:31:49 T:10120 NOTICE: script.tv.show.next.aired: ### ERROR: DB version is too new for this script (6 > 5) -- exiting

I Updated to your 6.0.10 from your zip file and it seems to be working now.

I am currently using XBMC 12.0. I should upgrade to 12.3 now to avoid further problems. just wanted to let you know what 6.0.10 is doing on a 12.0 system.
Hi there, I am trying to use this addon for the first time but when it opens it goes to settings and the nothing happens. I guess i have to put some settings but i don't know which one to use. can anyone help me to set this up?