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Full Version: Lenovo S10-3t - Portable server: Concept made real
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Great news everyone!!!

Lenovo specified that this netbook has SDHC card reader (up to 32gb), but realtek - manufacturer of that card reader chip specified that its SDXC with potential capacity up to 2TB.

So today I purchased 64gb SDXC card from kingston. Works well. Smile
Hello again guys.

Video sharing and hardware have been succesfully tested and everything works as intended. Now...

This portable UPNP server requires one last thing and thats web interface which can tell the users in this portable network some information regarding the servers.

a) XBMC/KODI client download
The network will be most likely avaibale only for few people who will need the client. Its possible that the server will be active especially in situations without internet access

b) Server status information
- Battery status / plugged
- Expected end of service (since it portable).
- Maximum allowed clients.

Most things are easy to configure via plain HTML, yet there is problem with the battery status. Most APIs I found work only for Firefox, or Aurora, while some other apps are available only for phones. Is there anything that will read the battery status out of a windows machine and make it visible thought web interface?
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