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Full Version: How to Mod Ace Lower Panel
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I guess after trying off and on for well over a couple of months now, and searching for any info I can find and still not being able to figure it out, I am going to have to break down and just ask. Can anyone tell me how to get the lower panel to show the last item added as if the focus is on the top first recently added item. Say as to just get rid completely the panel showing if you have a movie in progress and only show the panel for the last item added as if the last item added had focus. If you focus on the top items the lower panel changes accordingly to that item that has focus. What I am trying to do is make the lower panel default to the last item added without having to put the focus on the top panel. I have narrowed it down (I think) to being this section (Line 279 of "IncludedsMenuH.XML" "<visible>[[Container(9000).HasFocus(1) + !IsEmpty(Window.Property(RecommendedMovie.1.Title)) | Container(9000).HasFocus(2) + !IsEmpty(Window.Property(RecommendedEpisode.1.Title)) | Container(9000).HasFocus(3) + !IsEmpty(Window.Property(RecommendedMusicVideo.1.Title)) | Container(9000).HasFocus(4) + !IsEmpty(Window.Property(RecommendedAlbum.1.Title))] + ![Skin.HasSetting(noprogresspanel) | Player.HasMedia] | Player.HasMedia + !Skin.HasSetting(nonowplayingpanel) | Control.HasFocus(510) | Control.HasFocus(5100)] + ![Container(9000).HasFocus(8) | Container(9000).HasFocus(10) | Container(9000).HasFocus(11) | Container(9000).HasFocus(12) | Container(9000).HasFocus(65) | Skin.HasSetting(submode)]</visible>"

But after trying several different ways to edit this line I am stumped. Thanks for any help anyone could give me.
Anyone?... I know this has to be real simple, I'm just a dumb noobie and don't know how to do it.