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Full Version: Where's ya t-shirt been?
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I thought it would be fun for us all to post photos taken in significant places of the t-shirts we all bought to support the devcon guys' beers last year.

I'll kick off with a selfie taken in Cathedral Square Christchurch NZ today - a beautiful day. This Cathdral was all but destroyed in the severe Canterbury Earthquake of 22 February 2011, almost 3 years ago.

Sorry it's not really much of a photo, I may have to go back and do better.

Nice one Smile
Come on, show us yours!

Novi Sad, Serbia (I know its not the devcon "beer" one)
Literally wearing the shirt as I read this thread.
C'mon Nate, no post without a photo.
do it Nate, since nickr did a selfie, you do the one in the bathroom with a "duck" face
Took this today at Grand Canal, Venice
Here's me and one of my shirts at the Google campus.


edit: still working on the shower duckface selfie. May need more beer for that.
(2014-03-06, 22:48)Kib Wrote: [ -> ]Took this today at Grand Canal, Venice

What a beautiful place!
(2014-03-07, 04:22)dtviewer Wrote: [ -> ]What a beautiful place!

I am waiting for Martijn to post where he has been staying.
Great idea for a thread. Hmm I wore mine to the gym the other day!
been wearing it proudly at a boulder event on january

During my travels through Vietnam. Picture taken on a hicking trip in Sapa
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