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Full Version: Adding Audio DSP Plugin to AddonManager
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Dear All,

Wisler, Alwinus, I would like to test an DSP addon with my XBMC Windows configuration. I would like to add an dll (like Wisler addon) and try to play music with.

Please, can you post a zip file or something else to test your addon.

(2014-04-20, 21:35)steph_tsf Wrote: [ -> ]
(2014-04-20, 20:49)wsnipex Wrote: [ -> ]no more "have you understood", you're coming off pretty badly here. Consider this a warning. Have you understood?
Pretty well, thanks. I clearly understand how gigahertz clock multicore CPUs needing to execute undescriptible software architectures relying on thousands of code lines, supposed to run on many different OS and hardware, render things complex. Clearly, the risk of working on something that will have little practical use becomes high, when software developers don't have the time (or the care) to interact with people coming from different horizons, like the ones accustomed to the ASIO/VST paradigms. This becomes worrying when there is a recurrent pattern consisting on adopting regressive behaviors, like complaining from agression when comes the time to confront, or when comes the time to acknowledge. Thus, in a particular context when the time allocated to software development/testing is pure generosity, one would expect something different, than what's happening now. An important question arises. Are they proud of doing complicated things on a complicated platform, or are they proud of giving more usability to an existing product, for reaching a new, fresh base of power users ? The frontier of obsolescence lies here. The beginning of the NIH syndrome also lies here. Nobody's perfect. However, everybody can try improving.

Speak in Code and not in walls of text.
Dear All,

Wisler, Alwinus, I would like to test an DSP addon with my XBMC Windows configuration. I would like to add an dll (like Wisler addon) and try to play music with.

Please, can you post a zip file or something else to test your Addon.


Hi polarrys,

thank you for your request. But at the moment my Addon is not finished. I'm developing a C++ template to have an easy starting point for a new Addon. You have to unfortunately wait a little while.

The ToDos are:
  • Documentation and a good tutorial.
  • At the moment it only compilies on Windows. The Makefile settings for MacOSX, Linux, Android,... are not finished, because I'm developing under Windows.

Things are done:
  • Implement the GUI stuff.
  • Copy input samples to output samples buffer.
I think we should discuss VST in Addons in this thread:
Steinberg Cubase's Virtual Studio Technology (VST) DSP audio effects plugin API?

And I think in the thread "Adding Audio DSP Plugin to AddonManager" we should only discuss the as the title says adding DSP Addons to XBMC's AddonManager.
What if the DSP is a stereo crossover for 3-way speakers, delivering 6 channels of audio. Who will be in charge of routing those 6 audio channels to the audio hardware? The audio hardware could be HDMI 8-channel LPCM, Intel-Realtek HDaudio, Sweex SC016 usb soundcard, or Asus Xonar U7 usb soundcard. Need to know this, for XBMC on x86-Win, and XBMC on ARM-Android. Any reply welcome.
I think it schould be possible if we have an addon. It should have an postprocess (with the filters): FL/FR = LOW, SL/SR = MID, BL/BR = HIGH.
Do you mean the same thing what BruteFIR can do? http://www.ludd.luth.se/~torger/brutefir.html#good

For what would you use that?
Hello steph_tsf,

thinking also now to add a registration addon function to give XBMC another channel layout which can be selected then from the user.

Then it can be selected in the settings as maybe "Stereo (3 Freq. X-Over)".

Think is needed to become no problems on the master mode type scan (upmix on master is then not allowed)

Hope the next days to find a way to do it.
Hi All,

I'm a bit of a lurker here, having been an XBMC user since the original Xbox version and my family have grown up using it and love it. At the same time I am a developer (dull SQL stuff, not exciting front-end code, much) and a semi-audiophool.

So I am very interested in this conversation and other threads on improving XBMC audio. Still stuck on v11 with dualaudio as that seems to be the only solution for some of my (media-related) problems.

Recently experimented with JRiver but that sucks from a usability point of view - clumsy, slow, unintuitive. Everything XBMC is not.

My point is that I'm quite shocked at the tone of conversation in this and other threads, some people seem really upset. The DSP manager idea is excellent but why the hostility to someone who appears to have a lot of in-depth knowledge about the audio world? Surely anything that moves XBMC forward and extends its abilities is good? Or is the level of waffle putting people off? Not criticising, but do want to help smooth things over if possible.
Hi all,

I'm also very interested in that plugin. I'm looking for a setting to increase the volume of the center channel in a 5.1 setup. In most DVDs/Blu_rays you have to set the volume very loud to understand voices. The result is that the overall volume is so loud (especially loud noises like explotions etc.) that you have to reduce it. I guess most of you know what I mean.

So is there any update from the development to this? Anything we can do for testing etc?

Just let me know. Thank you very much for all the efforts


alwinus is busy with his daily job and has no time for working on this. please be patient ...

EDIT: for the time being you can use dynamic range compression.
@alex.ba: If you only wanna change the center volume, you could use the operating system mixer (e.g. I use alsamixer with my debian computer).

At the moment I try to port the example addons from alwinus to the new Cmake environment.
Ok thanks a lot.

I did not know that you can change that with the Alsamixer. I will try this. Thanks a lot for the information.

And of course the daily job should have priority :-) I'm very happy to hear that anyone working on the at all.


@alex.ba: No problem. I hope it will work with Alsamixer.

Hello community,

at the moment I'm just trying to improve the Audio DSP Manager.

New features are:
  • Modes are sorted in the right list (active, available) and no longer displayed twice.
  • Spincontrolex has been replaced by a list in order to increase the survey
  • I enhanced the window size
  • I added a new function continoues saving (all Audio DSP Manager settings are saved immediately)
  • All modes are read only once from the database, so that we can switch faster between the individual processing steps
  • I added a new button clear active list (all active modes will be removed from the active list)

Things todo:
  • Fix wrong numbering in the active list
  • Fix OSD button AudioDSP order
  • With a song change the selected listen mode should be restored
  • Disable AudioDSP when passtrough is enabled and vice versa
  • Improve the OSC AudioDSP dialog

Here is an old screenshot from the Audio DSP Manager:

Here are some new screenshots:

I also opened a new repo for the adsp addons. At the moment these addons only support windows. Hopefully soon for other systems.

My girlfriend and I created some Audio DSP Logos. I hope you like them all.
Image Image Image

Now you are asked. What do you think about the changes? Something missing?
Very interesting plug-in.
If I understand well, it only works under windows right now?
At this stage, does it really do something, or is it more like a dummy?

The reason I'm asking, is because I don't see much of DSP functions, like param EQ, low pass, high pass, q-factors etc etc.
Hi b_force,

which platform do you use for Kodi?

Quote:If I understand well, it only works under windows right now?
The addons in the adsp-addons-repo currently only support Windows, because I have not had time to compile this for other platforms (and I use Windows as development environment). If you have knowledge about using cmake, you can also compile those addons for other systems. If you share the binarys with me, I will add those in the zip-files.
If you wanna use those addons you need to compile the fork from Alwinus and then the ADSP-Addons.
At the moment we are still working on a final version and there is nothing official yet.

Quote:At this stage, does it really do something, or is it more like a dummy?
The ADSP-Template is only a dummy. It has a simple upmixer (e.g. just copies stereo channels to surround channels). You can get the actual source from ADSP-Template source and see how adsp-addons are made for Kodi.

The freesurround addon is based on the source code from pro_optimizer and can process Dolby ProLogic II,.... see the link for more details.

The basic addon has a resampling process, hear music with Dolby ProLogic II and you can adjust the speaker levels.

At the moment I develop a library that will support (non-)uniform partitioned fast convolution(LibXConvolver). With that library I will create an convolver addon. With that you can load FIR-Filters for each speaker channel and you can do RoomEQ, Reverb, ... similiar to BruteFIR.
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