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Full Version: Audio Drops/Skips
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I'm running XBMCbuntu with XBMC 12.3. (Originally 12.2, but upgraded in the hope that this would fix the issue)
When I watch video (any video) the sound often skips.
And by skipping I mean that the video plays smoothly but every now and then you get a 1-2 second silence.

I checked the log and at the time of the audio drop it says the following:

22:39:14 T:2636102544 DEBUG: CDVDPlayerAudio:: Discontinuity - was:585160503.813556, should be:584661391.724553, error:-499112.089002

Any idea how I can fix this?
Upgrade to XBMC 13 Gotham.
Much better audio engine plus active development and devs support.
I just upgraded to Gotham. I Initially had sound (I could hear the GUI sounds).
But first thing I did was...go into audio settings. Although I didn't change anything...just opening the settings screen messed up my sound for some reason, because right now I don't have any sound

Any advice?
Debug Log an read this before posting next time: http://forum.xbmc.org/showthread.php?tid=34655
Sorry about that, here is my log file: Debug Log
Update: I reinstalled Frodo. In the audio settings I see that the Audio Output was changed to Analog. Also, the audio output device was changed.

I corrected these settings to SPDIF and re-installed Gotham. After that sound works....until I open the audio settings page....then the values get automatically changed again....without the possibility of correcting them.

But more importantly, besides that.....I still have that Audio Drop/Skin in Gotham.

I also see that my log file above contains a similar CDVDPlayerAudio :: Discontinuity message
The first debug log is mainly okay.

It buffers once when you start a new stream (discont) and another time when you fast forward ... see no issue there.

Try to capture a log where it really skips / drops constantly - also verify with a Sample not on the network.

What about that one: https://dl.dropboxusercontent.com/u/5572...lannad.mkv (has no audio)
How will a file with no audio help?
The issue is that the video is running smooth without interruptions...but the audio falls away for a second. It's also always in sync.

I have placed a video on my local disk, same issue. Here is the Log. The sound gap happened a couple of times.

Could it be a codec or driver issue? If so, how can I update them?
I this log the sound config was f*cked up. You have PA running but your guisettings.xml seems from old frodo. Remove it and start v13 again. and redo the log

Quote:20:01:25 T:3035720512 DEBUG: CActiveAESink::OpenSink - ALSA Initialized:
20:01:25 T:3035720512 DEBUG: Output Device : Device not found
20:01:25 T:3035720512 DEBUG: Sample Rate : 48000
20:01:25 T:3035720512 DEBUG: Sample Format : AE_FMT_S32NE
20:01:25 T:3035720512 DEBUG: Channel Count : 2
20:01:25 T:3035720512 DEBUG: Channel Layout: FL,FR
20:01:25 T:3035720512 DEBUG: Frames : 2048
20:01:25 T:3035720512 DEBUG: Frame Samples : 4096
20:01:25 T:3035720512 DEBUG: Frame Size : 8
I removed the guisettings.xml file and restarted XBMC.
I now don't have GUI sounds and also no audio during playback.
This is again with the test file on the local disk, here's the Log

(It's not just this file, but I experienced it with all movie & tv show files.)
The spdif device you have chosen before is now gone. How do you start xbmc? From your unity desktop? From a login manager?
It starts in a startup script I guess.
I used the latest standard XBMCbuntu installer that automatically starts XBMC
Make it wait until all your audio devices are up. xbmcbuntu does not install pulseaudio by default. If you don't need it, just remove it.
Oke that sounds good, can you tell me how I should do that?
XBMCbuntu is my first encounter with Linux

Thanks in advance
Leave XBMC, login to XBMCbuntu, open a terminal and enter:

sudo apt-get purge pulseaudio

Enter your password and pulseaudio should be removed.
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