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Full Version: Report bug in Trac, now "Trac Error" message?
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Hi all,

I've created some tickets in trac (14774 , 14762 , 14907 ).

Except for the last one, the other two work. Last one gives me the error "Trac Error" / "GIT backend not available".

I'm sorry but this error is just weird. Why is the GIT backend not working just for this one ticket? It used to work initially, I gave several feedbacks and the the ticket was also reassigned to some guy.

Any ideas? I'd really like to see the status - and hope that the dev's can actually read it too to fix it (very ugly issue with dbus).

More than a month and no solution to this? I see several tickets which have this error message, but this is really a bug that should be investigated. I mean what does a ticket with text have to do with a Git backend?!
I don't know the full details, but apparently something database related is broken right now on our Trac install. The Team has actually been setting up a new replacement bug tracker, but we're waiting for Gotham to be released before switching all of the existing tickets over.

I'm not sure what the plan is for the ones that aren't working now. Sometimes they'll even work for a little bit and then they'll give that error again. We'll try to access them and make sure the devs know about those bugs.
Ned, you completely got it.
oops, i accidentily fixed trac.