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Full Version: SOLVED - XBMC to use TFT as a primary monitor
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Hi I'm new here and I need help with an issue I have.

I'm running a Raspbian wheezy from 2014-01-07 with 3.10 kernel on my raspberry. I bought a small TFT LCD display to hook up into GPIO port (http://learn.adafruit.com/adafruit-pitft...i/overview). With a fresh install I'm able to get everything running following the instructions on the adafruit page and everything works. Next step for me was to make the raspbian be able to switch between my main HDMI TV and the TFT with the help of this guy so my 99-fturbo.conf file now looks like the one he did. I'm able to startx on both displays (HDMI connected TV and the PiTFT) and they both works.

I installed the XBMC on top of the raspbian after adding the xbmc repository using (should be frodo):
PHP Code:
sudo apt-get install xmbc 

Now my main goal is to have both outputs showing the same xbmc like a dual monitor clone but with different resolutions (ultimately detect which output is connected and if the TV is connected use that and if not use the TFT display only but this is optional to me). But so far I was not able to get the xbmc to show on the PiTFT when I run the xbmc-standalone it starts the xbmc on the TV but on the TFT there is still the x-windows running. I tried different stuff with no success.

I guess i just need to tell the xbmc which framebuffer to use my TV is on the /dev/fb0 and the TFT is on /dev/fb1 but I don't know where to do this. When I run:
PHP Code:
FRAMEBUFFER=/dev/fb1 xbmc 
PHP Code:
FRAMEBUFFER=/dev/fb1 xbmc-standalone 
nothing happens it just seems to turn of the x window and it stays like that.

Currently I would be happy if I got the xbmc to start on the TFT only ignoring the HDMI output but even that seems not possible to me.

Thanks for any help.
Ok nevermind I got it sorted out if anyone needs the same thing one dude helped me on another forum:


Basicaly I use the fbcp to copy the main framebuffer to fb1 which does exactly what I need.