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Full Version: XBMC Noobie - ex Boxee user
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Hi all,

I am new to XBMC I have been using the boxee box since its release and before that Boxee Desktop.

I am having a few issues with XBMC running on a Lenovo IdeaCenter Q180 with Ubuntu 12.04 running XBMC Frodo. The main issue I am experiencing is with issues with video playback. The 720p 1080p randging from 2gb through to 8gb video is very jumpy. I have updated the graphics as best as I can but still having issues.

The box is hardwired to the router and so is the server its streaming from.

I have done some searching around and the general stance is its actually an audio issue. I have tried all the settings with no luck. The one I actually find it works best on is just Analogue which is a shame.

Does any one have any ideas?

Sorry its probably a question you get quite a lot on here.

Thanks in advance for your help.
What graphics chipset does machine that use?

What is your audio setup? (HDMI/SPDIF/analogue?) and plugged into what (TV/Amp?)
probably AMD gfx. Read the Radeon OSS howto on top of this forum.
Looks like it is a Radeon card. Definitely read the Radeon howto at the top of the forum, as per wsnipex's suggestion.

Appreciate that it doesn't appear to be related on the surface but does it make any difference if you play the video from a local source (the Lenovo's HDD)? If you're having problems with all HD content over a certain file size, it's odd that the general view is that it's an audio issue. I guess the way to check this is to get one of the files that's causing problems and trim it to a much smaller size, keeping the same file format...if it's still choppy, that'd suggest it's nothing to do with the size of the file being streamed.
Hi All thank you for your replies. I will take a look at get back to you Smile