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Full Version: [MOD] Settings and/or shutdown submenu
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Aeon Nox is my default skin but with the move to 1080i my AMD E-350 suffered quite a bit... I did not find any suitable replacement skins until I bumped into Amber. And I have to say I like its simplicity a lot.

I have hacked together submenus (now the settings menu only shows 'Reload skin'). They appear like the rest of the Amber submenus, haven't figured out yet how to have it show on a button press like with Aeon Nox.

This is what you get:

Settings menu entry
A submenu offering the following:
- Add-ons (removes the need for a separate button in the main menu)
- Appearance (skin settings etc.)
- System (system settings)
- System information (am I wrong or is this by default not accessible through Amber's menu?)
- OpenELEC settings (if you are running OpenELEC, sorry, but this window will have a Confluence layout, not sure if I'm willing to dive into this...)
- the original 'Reload skin' option


Shutdown menu entry
- Suspend
- Hibernate
- Shutdown
- Reboot
- Quit


If your system does not support any of those features the buttons should not be visible.

Settings patch
Shutdown submenu patch
Settings and shutdown submenu patch

If you are on OpenELEC (or Windows) you probably do not have the 'patch 'utility available, so here are the full Includes.xml files:

Settings submenu
Shutdown submenu
Settings and shutdown submenu
Just found this.
Thank you! Great work!
thanks :B:.
Very nice!

I want to ask you something.
We can put a button or like this and how extended info script into DialogContextMenu.xml or DialogVideoInfo.xml in amber skinHuh

thanks again!
Funny, I actually did the same on my dev version, just so you know parts of this will be added to the official version
Can you please upload the files somewhere else? The links are dead for me unfortunately Sad