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Full Version: Remote to show what xbmc is connected?
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Is there any possibility or upgrade coming that could allow me to see what xbmc box am I connected to?
I have a few xbmc boxes around my house. Usually me or my wife have no idea where are we connected to. As you cannot remember which one you last used. It is really funny to watch something and then wife takes control of the xbmc Rofl

I know the remote shows me the version of the xbmc in the bottom box. As seen in this picture: http://wiki.xbmc.org/index.php?title=Off...te/Android#
Is there any way to change this info to have the name of the host in the remote or the name that I have given to the xbmc box itself?

The versio number the remote gives doesn't help as I have upgraded all systems to same version(because of mysql etc).