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Full Version: Help for a novice
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I'm confused and wondered if someone can advise me.

I have installed xbmc on a desktop in both Windows 7 and Ubuntu 13; also on a Laptop running Win7. I have accessed music, video and photographs on each of these installations via local hard drives and network attached drives.


When I try and access xbmc from either my Smart TV (Panasonic - ethernet attached to the same network) or on my iTouch (wireless attach) I only see the containers for music and video; the pictures container doesn't show up!

Is there something I'm missing?
I'm assuming you're using DLNA to the TV, yes? And to the iPod? But you're navigating to an SMB or NFS/CIFS share (source) from the XBMC clients?

Could be that you're not indexing the pictures... could be that XBMC doesn't automatically include them (because there's not a pictures "library" as such)... could be permissions, although unlikely if they're hosted on a Windows system...
Hi, thanks for the thoughts.

Yes the TV is using DLNA, not sure about the iPod, it's seeing XBMC via MLPlayer Light. What I do find a bit odd is that the whole lot works using SERVIIO but I want to move to Linux and XBMC looks a better option. I have a W8 Tablet that can see XBMC using MediaMonkey, again it can play the music and video but that is using UPnP. Although the iPod sees the files it won't play them but then that's Apple and I'm not bothered about that.

Just checked it all out again, I can play music and video on the TV from my Linkstation (NAS) using XBMC on the PC running Ubuntu - I can't show the photo albums on the TV but I can see these using XBMC on the PC.

I guess I need to start exploring the documentation in a bit more detail and map my configuration out on paper.
I use minidlna on my server - not perfect, but it runs quietly in the background and doesn't need to have an XBMC instance running permanently to act as the DLNA server. It might be worth having a look to see what that supports, or whether behaviour is any different... I must confess that I've never tried serving photos over UPnP/DLNA, so can't necessarily comment further without straying into the land of "making things up for the sake of having an opinion" :-)
Last time I tried xbmc didn't share pictures via upnp, but that may have changed with Gotham, I haven't tried recently. Serviio does work in Linux, I'm currently using Universal Media Server.