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Full Version: [solved] External player fullscreen problem
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Hello, lads. First of all, it's my first post on the forum, so forgive me if I'm posting it in a wrong place.

Anyway, I switched to XBMC from MediaPortal some time ago and I'm very happy with the software. There's just one problem I can't solve. I'm trying to use an external player to watch streams from my Internet provider (they provide six TV channels for their customers). Here's what I do:

I put the command
totem --fullscreen rtsp://stream.livetv.chello.pl/TVN24
to the Programs plugin. When I launch it from XBMC running as a normal program under LXDE, I get a fullscreen window and everything's fine.
But I prefer to use XBMC in the mode in which it works as a default desktop environment instead of LXDE. In that mode Totem shows up as a window and I'm unable to get any control of it. I tried to use gst123 instead but I get an even smaller window. When I launch my games (e.g. through EUAE), I get fullscreen mode and I can control the program with no problem. Am I doing something wrong? I use Lubuntu 13.04.
Thanks in advance.



Okay, so I figured it out. I opened gedit and wrote:

openbox &
/usr/bin/totem --fullscreen rtsp://stream.livetv.chello.pl/TVN24
killall -9 openbox

Saved it as tvn.sh and made the file executable. Then I opened XBMC, went to the Advanced Launcher and created a new launcher with the command
Now even when I use XBMC as the default UI, Totem starts in the fullscreen mode. Nice. Smile
Sounds like the classic XY problem. Any reason why you're not watching the streams directly in XBMC?
Yeah, they don't work in XBMC. Smile Weird part is that my provider streams six channels from which four work great and two (the most important ones) don't. According to the log everyting's the same when I try to play a working and a non-working stream except this:
15:25:45 T:139946439206656   ERROR: Got MSGQ_ABORT or MSGO_IS_ERROR return true
I probably searched the whole Internet to solve this but either I searched wrong or there's no solution. Smile
You could post a full debug log, maybe someone can figure it out.
I'll post a new topic then.