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Full Version: GSOC 2014-Web development
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I am Devashish Badlani, a B.Tech CSE student currently an intern for Khan Academy Foundation for Learning Equality from IIT Bombay. I use XBMC on platforms Ubuntu, iOS a big fan of the Media Center,best part of it being open source I have contributed for KA-Lite which too is Open Source
The posted idea on the XBMC Ideas page for GSOC 2014 is something of my interest

Sample Work

I have used a JSON data and have presented it in to a hierarchial Topic Tree & MovieDatabase.I have the required skills in HTML,CSS,Django,PHP to go along with the project

A New Web interface and an addonfor XBMC to Firefox Browser is
A feedback will be worthful
Welcome - feel free to have a nosy around the existing webinterface and the available JSON functionality that you have to play with.

As a way to assess your work, you might want to think about getting a short (don't spend a heap of time!) demo of something useful for XBMC's webinterface so we can gauge how well you adapt to the API etc. Feel free to ask questions, or adapt existing work etc.