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Full Version: Series record through XBMC interface?
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Is this a feature that is expected for Frodo or Gotham?
I see that WMC has genre colors and series record in frodo, and NextPVR have this implemented in Gotham.

thanks for any info
Not really since it hasn't been implemented in the core (the addons that support it at the moment do it through the use of various hacks).
I would also like this feature. I currently use this with WMC buy adding 2 files to the skin folder. I am wanting to move to Argus TV. Is there a way to get this to work? I try to make this as easy as possible for my wife to make recordings and asking her to use the web app or scheduling client is not ideal. A simple repeat recording for new shows would be fine.
Same here. I appreciate you can use the scheduler desktop program, but having it through the XBMC plugin either via the context menu or popping up upon hitting the record button on your remote would be fab.

I came off NextPVR as I found it unstable, and Argus seems much more solid so far. Just need that one extra thing...
So it's not something that is currently being worked on for the future??
AFAIK, it's nothing to do with Team XBMC, it's entirely down to the plugin developers (and like I say, I believe the developer of NextPVR is aiming to get it into his next plugin version for Gotham) and possibly skin developers thereafter.

That's probably over-basic, but sounds about right.
@JesusOnEez: the plugin developer can make a custom solution (which is what some do), but every addon has to do the same (or similar) custom modifications. This is why it should hopefully be supported natively through the API so people don't reinvent the wheel too much.
That makes sense. Thanks...

...not in Gotham?
Could the series front end code from one of the others be forked? i.e. the dialog code at least?
The nextpvr series record option is not that bad, why not just fork that and modify for ArgusTV?
Surely once an implementation is done in XBMC itself, one of the existing implementations will be used as a basis.