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Full Version: Install on Terasstation NAS
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I have successfully installed XBMC on my son's PI, but because he's using that for other school projects it's not always running. I have previously used Twonky on my Buffalo Terastation NAS and I am curious as to whether this ARM based NAS is sufficient to run XBMC instead? Twonky fails to scan the folders for new content, so I'm looking for something much more up to date and efficient and I think XBMC fits the bill.

I can't seem to find any installation instructions for an NAS with ARM based processor - has anyone successfully installed XBMC onto a Terastation / Livestation NAS who can offer any advice on where to get started? I don't need any form of media transcoding as I'll ensure that my videos are .m4a and audio 320k .mp3 or .flac. Playback will primarily be on a Panasonic 65" VT Plasma via it's Media Server app.

Many thanks in advance. All help gratefully received.
I'm not 100% sure of what you're trying to achieve here, so humour me a little...

Are you looking to play videos on the NAS, i.e. hook it up to a TV screen? Does it have graphics support - unlikely as an ARM-based NAS, I'd guess?

Or are you looking to store the files on the NAS and serve them to some other client, perhaps another XBMC installation on the Pi or somewhere else?

If the former, you're going to have to look into a headless XBMC server, which is probably overkill even if you can get it running (I've lost track of the debate). If the latter, you don't need XBMC on the NAS at all, since the other clients would be seeing the files over SMB or NFS by mounting the NAS as a network drive.

And if you're looking at storing the files on the NAS and perhaps serving them over DLNA to a TV or similar, then, again, I suspect that there are lighter ways of doing this on your NAS: Twonky, Serviio, Mediatomb, minidlna to name a few thoughts, and that's before Buffalo may have built in a DLNA server - a quick Google suggests that it's DLNA-certified so should have something out of the box.
Hi, thanks for your reply.

I discovered that running XBMC on the PI advertised my media on my NAS to my Panasonic SmartTV. I therefore assumed that if I run XBMC on my NAS Linux OS, that it would do the same - thus removing the reliance on the PI.

In summary: I want to use the NAS storage for my library, but also run a DLNA streaming server on the NAS OS. I do not want to watch movies by hooking the NAS up to a screen - merely stream the library to a smart TV.

The Terastation does have PCast built in, but it isn't truly DLNA compliant and is, quite frankly, pants. Twonky has worked well over the years, but I'm getting fed up of having to force a folder scan every time I add new media.

I'll take a look at the other lighter options as you suggest.