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Full Version: XBMC takes around 10 mins to detect Media Tomb UPnP server
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I'm doing some experiments on setting up a home theater. I've set up a MediaTomb server to serve media content from my file server (using Fedora 20) and an XBMC Client system (also Fedora 20).

I've done appropriate firewall settings to make it accessible to other systems in my local network. (Enabled ports 41952 for tcp and udp and 1900 for udp. Also added two firewall rules to allow the host to join multicast group using igmp. These settings are present in the MediaTomb server system and the client system on which XBMC is installed). After making these changes XBMC is able to play media content successfully.

The issue is with XBMC discovering the Media Tomb server. If I start XBMC when the media server is up, it takes more than 10 minutes for it to detect the server. Till then, clicking the UPnP media source will display the error 'Could not connect to network server'. But, if I start the Media Tomb server after XBMC is started, everything works fine.

To check if it is a Media Tomb server issue, I installed 'Bubble UPnP' on my android phone. There was no issue there.

To check this issue further, I installed wireshark on both Media Tomb server and the XBMC system. I can see that once in every 10 minutes, Media Tomb is generating an SSDP NOTIFY UDP packet. It is at this point, the UPnP media source starts working. But, the Bubble UPnP client on my android phone, generates an SSDP M-SEARCH (service discovery) packet everytime I view the 'Devices' list. A similar M-SEARCH is not getting generated by XBMC. I can see that all these SSDP requests are sent to the multicast port Since it is working with Bubble UPnP, I guess the Media Tomb server is set up correctly.

I activated logging in XBMC and posted the log file to xbmclogs. The URL is http://xbmclogs.com/show.php?id=138395
I couldn't find any M-SEARCH or other SSDP related errors here.

Is this the default behavior of XBMC? Does it not send the service discovery packet when the UPnP Media Source is accessed? Or is there any other configuration I've to do on the XBMC system to activate this?

I am trying to reduce the notification interval of Media Tomb server from 10 mins to 30 seconds, but couldn't find an option for that either.

Any help would be greatly appreciated.

Thanks & Regards