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Full Version: Allow PM only to users with ### posts.
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The rationale is because if you reply to a thread of a newly joined user asking some query or random new users that just joined, invariably pm you asking you to provide support via pm.

Support by and in the community should be provided openly so other users can benefit.

The ### or some other number of posts would be a sane minimum, to allow new users to get familiar with how things work and know when its ok to pm someone for any amount of valid reasons other than support and of course existing members longer standing in community can use this feature encumbered.

I disable pms, because usually getting flooded with random support q's, but having them disabled doesn't allow genuine non support questions or something else related and thats a pita.

Of course if one agrees to do support via pm they are welcome then to invite the supported
Yeah, I just got a PM from a user with zero posts today. Even if it was just a requirement to have one post to PM, I think that would be good simply for anti-spam reasons, plus encouraging brand-new users to make that first question a public question.
I would say it has to be at least 50 posts, because 1 post is not life time in forums. You get pm's from ppl usually for support between 0 and 20+, rarely even more. PM is a tool for communication, not support unless therefore agreed.
If a MyBB plugin exists for this, please let us know Wink

It would indeed be a good thing to have.
50 posts is too high if we were to implement something like this.

It should be in the region of 5-10
If you honestly think 5-10 posts is enough for these users types to get the message that pm is a communication tool not a support me over pm tool, sure Wink. tbh I dont think it is Tongue, but I am willing to try again, though in my experience you get these types up to even 20 posts and even more.
It's not hard to ignore people! After all, I've been doing it for years.
(2014-02-27, 23:01)jmarshall Wrote: [ -> ]It's not hard to ignore people! After all, I've been doing it for years.

+1 Smile
You were supposed to ignore that Wink
Sorry, did someone say something? Smile
Not a single reply? Wait haha Big Grin
I turned PM off long ago, it was useless and kept being abused by persons asking for personal help.
I wanted to turn it back on so I had a way to have some select ppl contact me (there's a benefit to this like project collaborations etc like for me XWMM), ideally would be a whitelist of ppl that you allow to pm you, but tbh that haven't checked if any mods exist for this or if it would be easier to do that instead.