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For a long time I have been wanting to clean up the language strings for reFocus. Over time it has really become quite an unorganized mess.

As XBMC (and many, if not most, skins) have switched to using Transifex for the editing and managing of translations I will be doing the same for reFocus.

The english source language file for reFocus is available at the Transifex project page

The upcoming Gotham release of reFocus will likely still use the old (but updated) strings.xml language file. This is because I have also changed the ID's of the strings, which I now have to go change in all the .xml files the skin uses. That will take some time and testing. I do consider it a priority though, so if it will not be included in the Gotham release, it will be shortly after that.

If you want to contribute, you can register at Transifex if you aren't already and request to be a translator for your language(s). I am not expecting to make major changes to the source.

More information about the translation system can be found here

If you have any questions don't hesitate to ask. I am still getting acquainted with the system too though Smile
Will do. Although i assume the Dutch strings will be up to date Wink
Ehh, no still have to start on it Smile
I'll provide romanian translation.
(2014-02-25, 22:56)Galefury Wrote: [ -> ]I'll provide romanian translation.

Great, thanks!

Could you resend your request though? I had the source language of the project set to US-English and apparently the only way to change that is to start a new project... Confused

I updated the first post with the new link.

Sorry about that!
No need. I started the translation. Entries 45 & 48 are identical.
Great, thanks! Entry 48 will be scrapped.

BTW, I bit the bullet last night and edited all the skin xml's to use the new language strings after all.

Incredibly boring work, but I'm glad that is now finally done. Hopefully I haven't made too many mistakes Tongue

So it looks like the new translation files will be in the Gotham release after all.

This would also mean the currently available translations will be removed, as there are just too many differences in ID's
They could be used as a base for new translations I guess, as the actual strings haven't changed too much I think.
Entries 13 & 31 are identical too. Translation complete.
I deleted the duplicate entry 31. It wouldn't accept the upload of my modified file at first though, hopefully nothing got screwed. It moves up the translation numbering when a string is taken out, so you will still have an entry 31.

If everything is ok, I will remove the other duplicate entry too.
No, it deleted my translation too. I checked the translation randomly and everything is in sync.
Good to hear
reFocus is now fully translated in Dutch by yours truly. I am sure a lot could be improved on it though. I am not used to using any software in any other language than English, and I have a hard time coming up with correct translations that don't sound forced or weird.

So if anyone feels he can improve on it, please don't hesitate to do so.

Because of the many changes in the upcoming release reFocus is now available only in English, Romanian and Dutch, whereas the old (current) version has more translations available. So, if you have some spare time available and would like to contribute by providing a translation that would be greatly appreciated.
Welcome aboard fabiodacosta (Portuguese Brazil) and ZZRX (Finnish) Smile
Also welcome aboard epoke (Korean) and legostrike (French) Smile
Thanks and welcome Okashu (Polish) and LoADrunner (Danish) Smile
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