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Full Version: using upnp for sharing question: stream links
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Hello first question on this forum.

I have tried searching and am having problems finding any threads asking my question, so please be gentle. Also hoping this is the best section related. If needed I will supply additional info, but I thought it is possible that my question could be answered without any additional information.

So here is the big kahuna:

I have two computers on my network. My master in my office and a laptop on wifi. Both running XBMC.

I can see my library on my office pc through my network, and can watch video files through the network with my laptop.

However when I try to watch a saved 24 show I cannot start a stream. I can see the series, I can see all of my TV shows saved. But it wont start she show. I get an error immediately which tells me to check the log file.

For example 24 which is saved via iStream TV show series in my TV show library on my office PC. I can see the series, when I click the episode I immediately see and error.

Now I am wondering basically if this is common? Is this just the way it is with upnp sharing?

What confuses me is if I am just trying to start a episode (which is basically a link right?) why wouldn't it start from another computer? Seems like a glitch in the programming.

Can anyone offer some friendly advice?

We can't help you with add-ons for bootleg videos per our forum rules (wiki).
Hi Ned

Thank you for replying.

So this isn't an issue with the XBMC? My question pertains to upnp.