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Full Version: Playing pay TV channels from the web
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I have a Raspberry Pi box with XBMC 12.2 (over Raspbmc from Dec 2013)

I have looked at the add-ons for playing regular TV play channels over the Internet, but now I would like to know if it is possible (with some add-on) to also play the channels that require pay per view?
As an example:
If I want to watch a match which is available from viaplay.se, how can this be done via XBMC so I can use my big screen TV?
I can do it on my PC but only after logging in to a viaplay account.
Is there an XBMC Add-On that can handle the logon process?

For PI probably not because of the ol silverlight bolox
OK, thanks.
So I am out of luck since XBMC runs on a RaspberryPi where Microsoft probably is not interested to contribute for Silverlight.

Then my next question is this:
Is it possible to receive the stream on my Win7 PC and then somehow transfer it to the XBMC running on Pi so I can view it on my TV?
Somehow I dont think so, the player will still need to support the silverlight nonsense.
There could be a way, if you grab taht stream into some server that does conversion in real time and passes that into xbmc som magical way, or maybe there's some easier way, tbh idk, dont take my replies as definitive and there may be a way and idk about it, or someone knows how-to. I dont Wink