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Full Version: Loosing media source
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Hello all I did a search on the forum with not result for the same issue I am having.

I have 3 machines I am running the latest version of XBMC on, one is a core i3 running OpenELEC, a mac mini, and a pivos, this problem does not come down to the OS's. All my media is on a Synology DS413 NAS, OpenELEC is connected via GIGABit and the other two are wifi.

Here's the issue, whenever I boot anyone of the machines I always have to re-add all my media content i.e. Movies and TV Shows. I have the source mounted as a smb share with the appropriate privileges (admin) so I can access the files and rename and delete them. I re-scan the shares and everything works great. I turn off any of the devices I have to re-scan all the media again. I have XBMC auto update running but if there is no source it cant update. My NAS goes into sleep mode when I am not using it and I use XBMC WOL to wake it when I boot my machines. I still loose the sources and have to re-add them.

Can anyone provided some advice on what I can do to fix this issue.

Google was not much help.

we need debug logs (wiki) and more details.