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Full Version: Need to delete entire digital channel list
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Total newb with xbmc (but what a great site!). I accidentally had my HDHomerun dual configured to scan my cable instead of my OTA. I didn't catch the mistake until I had xbmc search for channels...all 345 of them! I went back to the tuner, corrected the mistake and re-scanned with the HDHR software; now it shows 30 stations. My question is how to delete the incorrect 345 stations from my TV channels list? When I scan again with xbmc, the monster list still exists. I must not be using the correct search string as I'm getting conflicting answers. Help please! Big Grin
In SYSTEM -> SETTINGS -> LIVETV I believe you want to look under GENERAL for the option that says RESET PVR DATABASE. You may also want to look under the EPG option for RESET EPG DATABASE. Both those will clear what XBMC has and then ask the backend PVR for the information again.
Thanks for getting back to me! I did exactly what you suggested and xbmc gave me the same list after re-scanning. I checked the HDHR TV player and it shows only the correct OTA channels. Is there a file someplace I need to delete or modify?
Found the problem...then discovered another! It was my NextPVR install that still had all the 'wrong' channels in the database. XBMC now sees the correct channel list, it just doesn't seem to be able to play them, saying "Next NPVR client is not available". Oh, well, back to the search button. Confused

* Edit: An incorrect firewall entry was the culprit; all is well now!