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Full Version: [solved] NullPointerException
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Running xbmc remote (v1.0.9, Rev 1009) on an HTC One running Android 4.3 I get NullPointerException's when I try to access Music, Movies or TV Shows. Pictures will let me browse my picture library (sort of). Remote Control works however.

Xbmc 12.3 is running on Ubuntu 12.04 (Mythbuntu). Any suggestions on how to resolve the NullPointerException's?

Edit: In setting up xbmc and xbmc remote to test it out so that I could see if it did what I wanted, I hadn't imported my music, movies or TV shows. Xbmc seems to be sending a null list to the remote app and xbmc remote doesn't bother to check and handle null lists. It just ungracefully errors. That's a fairly basic newbie programmer error, so there must be more to it. I'll see about filing a bug report,