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Full Version: Custom video Nodes
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First off, really liking Amber skin. I switched from Ace as it was becoming slower on my Revo RL70.

Sorry if this has been covered before (I couldn't see it from a quick search) but I have a few questions about custom video nodes with Amber on Gotham.

I created several nodes under userdata/library/video/movies/

but Amber doesnt seem to use them... I moved my nodes into the userdata/library/video/ folder and Amber does use those, but its annoying because I can't get it to show them when you click Movies on the home page (well, I have to go to movies then back to see them).

So I guess I have two questions; Can I get Amber to see nodes under movies somehow? OR can I make it so movies goes to the base video nodes instead of the movies ones? I guess question one is the best solution, but I'd be happy with either Smile


Oh and if it is useful, here is a sample of one of my nodes

<?xml version="1.0" encoding="UTF-8" standalone="yes" ?>
<node order="5" type="filter">
  <label>Kids Movies</label>
  <rule field="path" operator="contains">smb://NSA310/video/Movies/Kids Movies/</rule>
  <order direction="ascending">sorttitle</order>
I have a somewhat similar set-up, (coming from mq5) I have added my nodes to favorites.
Then you can show the favorites as link on the home screen.
So I have a separate link on home to 'kids' movies, and have a slideshow of kids backgrounds.
And there is an option in the skin, to set the movies link to another favorite, so this goes to my Films favorite/node.

If you have more nodes, I imagine your home will get cluttered, maybe you can set your base node as favorite, and add that as link on home.
I'm really sorry, could of swore I replied to your post already...

Thanks for the response. Yes I've gone for a similar approach with adding kids tv and kids movies as favourites and adding them to the home screen. But yeah, I tried setting a favourite for each movie node and I don't like how busy the home screen gets...

Would really like to work out how to make Amber see the custom movie nodes I created and get Movies to go there. Huh