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Full Version: PlexXBMC Playlists for iTunes
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I installed Plex sever on my computer and the PlexXBMC Add-On to XBMC. I accesses my music library properly and it plays music.

I have a question about using XBMCRemote on my iPhone to control it. The add-on is running on iPhone#1. If I use the GUI to select a song in a playlist, it plays that song and when it's over it moves to the next song. That is what I would expect. I am going to have this phone in a non-accessible place and therefore want to use XBMCRemote on iPhone#2 to control what is playing. When I go through the add-on menu and select a song in a playlist, it only plays that one song and then stops. I can add songs to the Que and it will play multiple songs. I don't want to have to add song to a Que every time I select a new playlist. I want it to work just like the GUI and start with the song I select and then move to the next one.

Is there a way to do this? Is there a setting I have wrong somewhere? Thanks for the help in advance.

Anyone have any experience with this?