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Full Version: [BUG] Missing show title on Channel List view - LiveTV
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First, Pecinko, thanks for this skin and taking over maintenance of PleXBMC even if only temporarily. I'm in the process of making the move to XBMC for my frontend because I suddenly need LiveTV. I've been on the hunt for a skin that integrates PleXBMC while also supporting LiveTV. Amber looks awesome and gives me a very Plexy feel still.

I might have found a bug though. Show titles are not visible in the LiveTV Channel List view until you select one... which then changes the text color to indicate the currently playing channel. When you select a different channel, the text changes back and again only see the show title of the currently playing channel. Here are a couple screenshots. The first is with no channel selected/playing, the next with TNT playing.



maybe it's something silly like the text color for the title being wrong.

XBMC 12.3 - Linux build
PleXBMC 3.4.3
Amber 1.3.2 from XBMC repo
Actually, when I look a little further, I see the same thing on the Recordings view. Also, no watched/unwatched/progress indicators in Recordings view either.

I know PVR isn't exactly your thing, but it'd be much appreciated to have it a little more fleshed out.
I agree, great skin.

Seeing the same issue in the channel list you get over the live tv, ie when you go into the context menu while watching live tv.