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Full Version: MP3 Search request, info req please?
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Hi all,

Just a simple request please, can anyone tell me if the addon "MP3 Search" is working or not.
I have installed it onto my ipad2, it opens okay, but when you press on search the screen flashes for a split second and nothing happens.
My first idea was to simply uninstall and reinstall but this still has the same effect.
Is this normal for this addon, I was expecting the keyboard to appear to do a search, but then i thought maybe there is more of a problem with the addon itself.

appreciate any help please chaps, any one who may already have it installed to try a test would be great.

thanks all,
Try this addon,for me works perfect.


Best Regards
Hi senna99,
Sorry for the late reply,

Thanks mate, it worked a treat....


i believe that since gotham rls, you may find all mp3 streaming addons disconnect playing streams after random seconds of playback.

atleast this is what ive read...