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Full Version: Problem with window resolution in advancedsettings.xml
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If if specify the window size in advancedsettings, i have 2 issues:

- Window contents are not scaling properly to the screen
- If i start XBMC in windowed mode, the window size is correct but all i get is the blue bubble background. I have to switch to fullscreen to view anything else. I can then switch back to windowed but the top of the screen is still cut off.

If i remove the window size from advancedsettings it starts fine in any windowed size, and i can resize the window to my hearts content and everything is fine.



Screenshot: Dropbox link

Debug log when starting in windowed mode without advancedsettings: http://pastebin.com/WGuJuymG
Debug log when starting in windowed mode with advancedsettings (start, get stuck with only the background, CMD+F to go fullscreen): http://pastebin.com/YtDUbdpp

This is on MacBook 2009 with Geforce 9400M, native resolution 1280x800, 10.9.2.
Then consider this feature broken on osx ...
But wasn't that a nice report though?

It was fine in Frodo if that's any consolation.
I think this might have to do with the settings revamp. Various GUI settings will likely not work in advancedsettings.xml anymore in Gotham, due to how settings are read/loaded.
the report was nice - but i don't even see any sense in this option - nor has it any priority to me as it is advanced Wink
It's useful for skinning purposes when your screen is not 16:9 but something else and you're forced to use windowed mode for mimicking the usual living room screen. Since the XBMC setting screen does not show the resolution for the windowed size, I now just have to guess when the window's aspect ratio is around 16:9.

But like you said, this is such a rare use case that I cannot whine too much Big Grin