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Full Version: Sound and video issue
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Hi. I have an issue in sound and video. It looks like a very short (less than a second) pause in sound and after that a drop of some frames (like a fast rewind) in video. This issue appears on both of my computers - iMac MC309LL/A and Mac Mini MD387LL/A. Both computers running Mavericks. The issue appears in XBMC 12.3 and 13. VLC plays same movies just fine on both computers.
debug log (wiki)
Here is the log from Mac mini: log file
1. This is not a debug log - read my link again and enable debugging
2. Since there will be no bugfixes for frodo it would be more helpfull to get a current logfile from latest nightly builds (those are from the Gotham development branch).
Hi. I am new to XBMC and I just download the program on my macbook pro. I have Appletv and I mirrored my laptop to my tv wireless via Appletv and when I try to watch a movie I can see the video on my tv but I only get sound from my laptop and nothing on my tv. I have tried messing around with the settings on XBMC and my laptop but I am not getting any results. I was thinking about deleting the program and reinstalling it to see if that would fix the issue. If anyone has an info on this issue or any idea how I can fix this problem, please let me know.
@ND1172 that's not really an XBMC problem. It happens to me sometimes with my MBP and AppleTV while streaming Youtube videos. I usually restart the ATV and it fixes itself. Googling the issue will also give you other things to try.
@ps09870 - it seems like you have a appearing/disappearing airplay target in your network. Whenever osx detects such a target it adds the Airplay audio device to its list of audio devices and tells that xbmc. XBMC then enumeratres its audio devices and reopens the audio sink.

This is what you are experiencing here. So you need to find out which device in your network announces itself as airplay target and why it vanishes and reappears all the time.
Memphiz, it was AirServer on my iMac. I shutdown AirServer, and now it's ok. But i need airplay for my iPads and iPhones. Before i upgraded to Os X 10.9, there wasn't any problems. And now only XBMC affected by this issue. Can you solve this?
No ... this is not XBMCs fault.
But what the reason that other software, such as VLC and Quicktime player are unaffected?
They don't support receiving AirPlay audio. Just go into osx system settings -> audio - you should see that there is an airplay audio device which appears/vanishes all the time there too.