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Full Version: [UK] Freesat Channel Rescan ITV HD
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Wonder if some kind soul can offer any help on a not strictly TVheadend problem. As some people in UK may have noticed ITV HD moved transponders at the end of February and the EPG was apparently remapped to point to this which caused some problems. Since then I've not been able to pick it up at all, as described in this article:


I've gone back into TVheadend and done what I believe is a channel rescan by going through the Add DVB network by location routine again, is this right? Is this the best way to scan for new channels? Do I instead need to delete any old configuration first? It didn't seem to do anything different and I still can't pick it up but perhaps thats just because my setup in XBMC is pointing toward the old ITV channel but i can't find any new one? I've had a look here and noted the new details of ITV HD:


It states the new channels are not available for manually tuning? I've found service ID 21000 on 11097 V frequency in TVheadend as stated in the article as being the new ITV HD but when i select that channel in XBMC I get a no input available error as i would when trying to watch a sky subscription only channel.

Basically im not sure what the problem is. Is it that there is no EPG for this new channel so im just not seeing it or is it that I'm still not actually picking it up through tvheadend? Has anyone else in the UK had a similar problem and can advice a simpleton whos getting confused. thanks,
If you're using the stable versions of tvheadend it should detect any changes to services automatically. The master branch doesn't support this yet.