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Full Version: Is it possible Music to open Albums ?
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Can Music be configured to open Albums ? In the settings you can configure to open Artists but it would be great to have an options to open Albums
Found the answer had to change Includes.xml file and change the first onclick condition from root to Albums.

<item id="6" description="Music">
<thumb fallback="special://skin/backgrounds/Music.jpg">$INFO[Skin.String(Music.Background)]</thumb>
<onclick condition="Library.HasContent(Music) + !Skin.HasSetting(ArtistView)">ActivateWindow(MusicLibrary,Albums)</onclick>
<onclick condition="!Library.HasContent(Music)">ActivateWindow(MusicFiles,root)</onclick>
<onclick condition="Library.HasContent(Music) + Skin.HasSetting(ArtistView)">ActivateWindow(MusicLibrary,Artists)</onclick>
Great this might come in handy