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Full Version: Posting to "off topic"
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How do I post to "Off Topic"? I recently tried to post there and was informed that I don't have permission for a variety of possible reasons that I don't think were valid. Is some sort of special permission require for that section or is this just a glitch?
The idea is that if it's truly off topic (in a way that we'd find annoying, for example) then we'd rather the topic not be started on XBMC.org. However there off topic discussions that aren't so bad and are semi/loosely-XBMC related, even some we are interested in, so we move posts into the off-topic sub forum as needed.

Sometimes people would ask for their own thread to be moved to off-topic, and I actually thought it was on-topic, such as supplemental tools, hardware, etc.
Actually it was about DVDFab but there's already a thread anyway. Thanks for the info.