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Full Version: Flgging / Icon for 3D movies in panel-view
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first of all, i want to thank you pecinko for this nice theme. It fits perfect to my needs on my Openelec Raspberry, with one exception: I only can differ 3D Movies by the path Confused

After trying some xml editing on my Windows laptop with xbmc 13.0 alpha12 i get half of the way i want.
What i want: an Icon, like this 3D in the first screenshot, showing up in the panel (or any other view).

I added this with the following code, that i add in the DialogVideoInfo.xml
          <control type="image">
            <visible>[substring(ListItem.FilenameAndPath,3D) + !substring(ListItem.FilenameAndPath,AC3D) | substring(ListItem.FilenameAndPath,3-D) ] + !Skin.HasSetting(HideFilenameFlagging)</visible>

But after searching the whole xmls, i didn't find the right place to add this in this screen

May anyone can help me with this "problem"?
btw i actually didn't test it on the raspberry, so i don't know if i have to change things on another way.

Take a look at the Includes.xml. At the very end of it you will find the mediaflags, similar to those in the DialogVideoInfo.xml.

I've just tested it with your code, it is working for me Smile

Blush the solution was that near....
i have searched the whole includes and other files, without finding it.
If there is the need or interest, i can upload the files i changed.
Is there a way to get this into the official version? I don't like to do this again after every skin update.