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Full Version: Advice on naming multi ep tv series please..
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Hi all,

At the moment I am going through the process of moving some of my TV episodes over to an external HD and I've hit a snag, If I can explain how I have it set up at the moment,

Television/The Walking Dead/Season 1/The Walking Dead Season 1 Episode 1.mkv

but should I have it so it looks like this:

Television/The Walking Dead/Season 1/The Walking Dead Season 1 Episode 1/The Walking Dead Season 1 Episode 1.mkv

The only reason I ask is because of the .nfo, .tbn, .fanart, .folder information that goes with each episode. It wasn't something that came immediately to mind until I started organizing the files. As I am going to be doing my own scraping with EMM. It was only then that I realized that I cannot have more than one .nfo per folder.

I am assuming that I have got this totally wrong, And by some miracle I am actually doing this right, It would be great to have some positive input just to give me some peace of mind.
Thanks chaps...
This works for me.

Television/The Walking Dead/Season 1/The Walking Dead.S01E01. Days Gone Bye.mkv

Note that S01E01 is the key.
Thanks Chaps...


XBMC also happily scrapes (at least from what I've tested)

You can have non-standard naming by editing advanced settings.xml

As described in


Quote:e.g having "Season [season#] - Episode [episode#]" anywhere in the file name

<tvshowmatching action="prepend">
<regexp>Season ([0-9]+) - Episode ([0-9]+)([^\\/]*)$</regexp>

Example : TV Shows\Scrubs\Season 1\Scrubs - Season 1 - Episode 01 - Pilot.avi
The first two capturing groups should be obvious, the third group ([^\\/]*) captures everything up to the end of the file name $, this allows for multi-part file names such as name.Season 1 - Episode 01 - Season 1 - Episode 02.ext as well as the simpler name.Season 1 - Episode 01-02.ext

I personally though would stick to the standard naming conventions and use TheRenamer or Filebot to name my TV Shows accordingly.