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Full Version: Favourites and latest episodes...
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Hi there all, I'm new to the XBMC community and I'm pretty much a complete novice when it comes to all of this, yet an avid learner... But I have a question or two if anyone can help me?
I am currently using 'XBMC v12.3 Frodo' with the 'Aeon Nox' skin. I use NzbDrone and Sabnzbd to scrape all my tv from the internet and plonk it straight into XBMC.
I have many tv shows (500+) now and have between 10-20 episodes added daily. I know I can see them under the 'Latest' area under the 'TV Shows' menu, but as I have so many shows, I started to lose track of some of the main ones I watch.
I also noticed that when you are on the 'TV Shows' list, you get a little star next to the show to indicate whats new that's been added.
I have managed to narrow down shows that I want to prioritise to watch within the 'Favourites' menu, but I can't see on that menu what has had new episodes added.
So I guess my questions are...

Is there a way to narrow down the 'TV Shows' list to just show the 'star' shows with the latest episodes?
Can you enlongate the list on the 'Latest' list under the 'TV Shows' menu?
Is it at all possible to add the 'stars' indicating new episodes, to the shows you have on the 'Favourites' menu?
Also, is there a way to organise the Favourites list in alphabetical order, rather than manully having to move the entries up and down to to get them alphabetical?

Many thanks in advance for the help, and thank you for creating and maintaining an awesome piece of software.
You don't sound too novice to me, anyone who is auto-downloading, formatting, organizing, scraping pretty well knows his stuff. Your statement "I have so many shows, I started to lose track" reminds me of the TV show hoarders, kind of an addiction to HD storage Smile and begs the question will you live long enough to see these?

The Stars you are seeing are imposed by the skin, not sure if it's connected to the play count in the .nfo of the episode or not. But certainly you could make inquiries with the skinner or the skin forum for modifications needed to extend the menu list. You can set up multiple smart playlists for unwatched episodes and join these path driven episodes into one larger playlist that could be assigned a favourite and linked to the home page. So with one press of a button you get all your unwatched episodes according to custom rules and sort you provide. Favourite items can be moved up or down in the list through the GUI (context menu) or sorted as you like, the information is kept in the userdata folder as favourites.xml (make a back-up before you muck around).

How about just using 'hide watched' ?
There should be an "in progress TV shows" node, as well.
Look guys don't make XBMC simple, it will take the edge off geek knowledge.
(2014-03-15, 01:00)PatK Wrote: [ -> ]Look guys don't make XBMC simple, it will take the edge off geek knowledge.

A challenge! :)

Try expanding it to "in progress TV shows" + listing recently watched shows, since "in progress" only works if there's at least one watched show and one unwatched show. So if you want to see all the "currently airing" shows, "in progress" won't show them all. Useful for when a friend comes over who somehow didn't see the last episode of this or that.