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Full Version: Cannot add usb as source
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I have a gbox midnight and have and have successfuly upgraded to linux version of xbmc and everything is working except the ability to add usb as a source. I have done this on other android boxes no problem but Rootfilesystem/storage doesn't exist so cant navigate to usual SDa01 etc .Anybody had similar issue or resolved it?.
The output of the mount command will tell you where the usb disk is mounted.
Ok thanks please excuse my ignorance but how do i do that in a non technical straight forward way?. I would really apreciate some guidance with this.[/align]
on a SSH (wiki) session or terminal Via ctr+alt+F1 > F6 you type


and see what the output is.
Thanks,im using a Mac so what bring up terminal and log into my android box using its ip and admin and password then type mount and it will show the path of mounted drive?.
many thanks i will give it a go