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Full Version: Cant start XBMC by remote.
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Can someone please help me get XBMC to turn on/off using the remote app? I have tried in the past but it never would work. Its been a while since last trying and really would like to get it working. It would go a long way to getting my wife to use it.

Additionally, is there a way to force xbmc to display on 2nd monitor? Any time my tv shuts off xbmc forces its self back to the main monitor, but does not go back to the 2nd one when it comes back on.

I am on windows 7. Using Frodo. When I press the power button in Yatse i get the message Starting:Xbmc Computername, WOL sent, Host should be starting. But the system does not start. I checked my network card and WOL is enabled on it.

I can long press the power button and am able to shut the system off.

Any help would be greatly appreciated.