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Full Version: Only all series missing in database after backup restore
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recently the USB Stick wasn't recognized by the OUYA any more. Maybe power failure or incorrect shutdown. Don't know.
So I backed up all the Data from XBMC using a PC and formated the stick reinstalled XBMC and run it once.
After this copied all the backup data back to the USB.

XBMC starts just fine and all the settings are still there.
Movies DB is correct and has all the watched status set.
Only the Series folder is empty and also a rescan wont fill it.
Connection to series folder on the NAS is possible using the file browser and also plays fine and keeps the watched status after stop or during the episode. Also watched status of recently added is shown correct but all tags and pictures are missing here as well.

Question is: From what I have read the movies and series are stored in the same DB. Why is only one showing?
I would like to rescan only the series or even try to rescue the watched status if somehow possible.
Someone got any idea what I could try?

Thanks for the support.