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Full Version: Mupen64 Emulation
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Hey everyone!

I wonder if XBMC RetroPlayer implementation is able to use the mupen64plus core? As there is quite a lot of development going on it is already very usable on windows. Is that possible on Retroplayer too? Was just thinking Mario Kart in XBMC Cool

I was wondering this also.
The mupen64 core needs the libretrogl api which garbear hasn't implemented yet but I believe has stated he intends to at some point in the future.
Indeed. I recently hooked up the GL callbacks to xbmc, but currently they're just stubs and don't do anything. This may take someone with deeper knowledge of xbmc's rendering system, as i have much learning to do before I'm able to fully implement them.
Glad to hear it, I spent yesterday setting up RetroPlayer and RCB and am very happy with it. Only thing that I am missing is the mupen64.
garbear thanks for your work, I am a quick learner when it come to coding so if there is anything I can help with please let me know!

Does anyone know if there is a side way to run Mupen? I tried retroarch by zaggash and it seems it doesn't work with RetroPlayer branch as I was having no issue with it when I was using stock OE
Hi kallahb33,

Thanks for testing retroplayer. I added the GL callbacks in pursuit of a new awesome feature for retroplayer, and when that's finished (the feature, not the callbacks) i'll need even more help testing.

Much work still needs to be done in Python. I started a project a while back called PyRomInfo (https://github.com/garbear/pyrominfo ) that xbmc will use to parse ROMs and extract metadata. We'll also be needing a controller configuration plugin. RCB could also use some help with retroplayer integration. Or use your imagination and invent something new and badass Smile

Good luck getting n64 emulation working. Post your solution when success is had as i'm sure more ppl will benefit from it!