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Full Version: Color change Home Menu
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Hello, I can not change the color of menu choices (Movies, Kids, Movies HD ...) I want to white, more visible to me. how I can do and where to find this change. thank you
text color of course Smile
nobody know ? Sad
Open Includes_Home.xml, go to line 1140 and replace this [COLOR=44EEEEEA] with this [COLOR=FFFFFFFF] for white color, in every home menu entry that you want to change.

You can also use one of the skins defaults colors.

Yes THx Smile good
arggg ! it s not work ! color of title home not change ! ( Movies , Setting, programs etc .. )

sprry , if i can change , thx.. Sad i m stupid
sorry still a problem, I change all the colors on the items, up to 14 I think, and my playlist tabs not change color! Or i can also change the colors of the tabs (customize menu setting (ext, favorite, playlist) Thank you
it s solved , thx !!