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Full Version: MCE remote in XBMC
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I got a MCE remote which I'd like to work with XBMC only.

Can I make the green button to load XBMC?

I've tried to install a addon and different Windows regedit files,
but allmost with no luck.

I really need an A-B-C guide.... Hope someone can help.
This is an older article and some of what's in it is likely no longer valid, but it where I found information on how to do what you want to do. There is a paragraph that begins with the line, "You will likely want to be able to launch XBMC using the remote." See if that helps you. Obviously you'd use KEY_GREEN where it mentions KEY_BLUE. The article is at:

This site help me sort out my mce remote, including "make the green button load XBMC". Wink

Fantastic.. Cant wait to get home and try it.. Thanks