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A couple questions, is there any advantage to running a distro like Ubuntu with XBMC over OpnenElec? I've been having problems with losing my sources on reboots and cold start ups on OpenElec. I figure of it happens one more time I'm going to Ubuntu with XBMC. My htpc is an i3 with a good SSD so in OE it hoots in like 2-3 seconds. I'm wondering if some service or even networking is starting too late because of the fast boot and that's why I lose my sources. When info lose my sources, changing them does nothing and every time I go back to them the type is none again. Right now I have the beta 2 build running with SQL connectivity and smart playlists on Aeon Nox Gotham and it works beautifully, Movies brings up my 2D movies and 3D movies brings up 3D movies. TV shows just brings up my TV show library. When I reboot or power up and go to TV shows, for instance, it just goes to files instead of the TV show library. I go and look at TV shows in file mode and content type is none. I change it to TV shows and it asks if I want to scan and I say yes and it does something for half a second. I go back to the source and content is none again. Very frustrating. I had everything running great in Windows but I decided OE made sense since I only run XBMC only. OE is great in concept but losing source content types like that really kills it for me. Is there a setting somewhere to delay network starting?
Openelec has a setting to wait for networking before starting, maybe that would help. You'll need this especially if you use MySQL.
Yeah, I found that setting last night. I just haven't tested powering off or rebooting yet. I'll updated the post when I do.